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Best Quality at Wholesale Prices.

Price Value Rugs offers the most competitive prices on all its rugs at or below whole sale market prices due to the company’s direct connection with numerous rug manufacturers around the world. The Price Value Rugs’ philosophy is very simple. We cut out the middle man, including importers, retail stores and distributors. This in turn allows us to offer the most competitive prices in the world, as You are purchasing the rug directly off the loom and from the manufacturer. Without the mark-ups added by such middle-men, the price of the rugs found on our site will be the most competitive in the world, while giving You the best Value for the handmade treasure of your choice.

Explanation of Value

Hand Woven Rugs vs. Machine Made Rugs.

At Price Value Rugs, we realize that a knowledgeable customer is the best customer. Therefore, we would like to further educate our potential customers as to the significant value of handwoven rugs. Quality handwoven rugs always appreciate in value, similar to real estate. Antique rugs found in the market worldwide or at Sotheby’s and Christies today, are much more valuable than their original prices.

When purchasing a quality handwoven rug for your home or office, you are investing in an heirloom masterpiece that can be passed down through the generations and used for hundred of years. Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will also reap the reward of utilizing a beautiful handwoven rug, which will retain and appreciate in value over the years. If you purchase a handloom, hand tufted and/or machine-made rug, the lifespan of the rug will be very short.

In addition, the quality of such rugs are very poor and usually contain materials which are unhealthy and can cause allergies for children, adults and pets. Just the cost of cleaning and maintaining such rugs will usually surpass the value of such rugs. Therefore, rather than purchasing low quality rugs every few years, it is much more prudent, healthy and cost-effective to purchase a unique handwoven treasure which will last a lifetime.

Why choose us

Price AND Value

There's a lot of Rug Companies out there, many just a middle-man, marking up their product, and passing the fees on to you. We're different. Our network of Rug Manufacturers brings the joy of owning a hand woven, authentic product right to your home or office without all the unnecessary fees and headaches.

  • No Middle Man
  • 110% Price Match Guarantee
  • No Distributor Fees
  • No Exchange Fees
  • Purchase direct off the Loom to your Home
  • Hand-woven
  • Dedicated & Knowledgeable Staff
  • Designer Consulting Services
  • Free Shipping
  • Wide Selection
  • Family Owned Business

Our Process

Our advantages


By eliminating the middleman, we bring you the lowest prices in the industry, backed by our 110% price match guarantee. With our streamlined process, we go from Loom-to-your-Room without breaking your bank!


Our handmade rugs have spent months on the loom, offering your home an unparalleled product that stands the test of time. Our rug-makers have generations of experience mastering techniques that bring beauty and durability to every one of our rugs.


With our factories overseas creating beautiful masterpieces day in and out, our inventory is constantly growing. Our alliances within the industry allow us to spot trends way before the market has driven up the price - giving you early access and the deepest discounts.